Baby Royce’s Visit to Metta Baby Spa

October 31, 2019

Yesterday, Royce and I attended a complimentary baby spa day at Metta Baby Spa in Chicago’s Bucktown area. The pampering itinerary included an intimate and interactive water movement experience and an instructional baby massage session. Accompanied us was my good friend Jordyn who recently just had her baby boy, Denim as well! 

 Upon arrival, you have to remove your shoes and slip on booties! Now while im pretty sure, this rule was set to maintain sanitation for the babies sake and the cleanliness of the studio’s environment but they were super comfy and added to the experience as well. I was practically walking on pillows LOL. Following that, I was greeted by Jennifer who served excellence in customer service. She was extremely helpful with beverage options and getting Royce and I comfortable for his feeding time. 


After feeding time, it was time to change into the swimming diaper in preparation for the water movement experience. There was a custom name tag assigned for each baby at a private tub filled with warm water. The owner, Rachel helped Royce slip into their special floating ring which feels weightless for baby and allows them to relax, splash and swim around. Royce was definitely a little fussy about getting in the tub at first but Rachel eased him into the water and made him feel comfortable. Once in for a few seconds, he began pedaling his little feet and lounged and floated for about 15 minutes. Once Royce looked good and relaxed, I was handed a heated hooded towel to take him out of the water and apply a dry diaper to get ready for the massage session. The water movement experience was created to help babies explore their motor skills, provide a calming effect that aids in longer sleeping pattern, assist in digestion & relief of gas and colic and over time act as a precursor to swim class.



Ending the session was an instructional baby massage performed by the parents and instructed by a certified infant massage instructor. The instructor provided us with a custom organic fruit/seed/veggie based baby massage oil to use during our guide of massage techniques taught for parents to implement in baby’s everyday routine. The infant massage reduces constipation, relieves muscular tension, improve longer sleeping patterns, promotes bonding and so much more! 


Post session, Baby Royce was quiet, filled with smiles and extremely relaxed! He slept through the night and I could see the relief in gas and digestion through his bowel movements and decreased spit ups already. I will be enrolling Royce in weekly spa days to receive the full benefits from each session. The customer service, professionalism and environment most definitely exceeded my expectations with a rating of 11 out of 10 haha. Their classes are for babies 2 weeks to 6 months and I most certainly approve of Metta Baby Spa’s mission for wellness and recommend for new moms to try out this experience for sure! 




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