Sipping Lemonade-Champagne with Eunice Vashti

August 24, 2018

"If life throws you a lemon ; make lemonade" -Joan Collins


Meet Chicago Native Eunice Vashti! Fashionista, Child of God and the newest addition to the Ciara Jibri client roster. After running the clienteling program for the entire midwest district at the Kate Spade flagship store, Eunice received a promotion to relocate to Florida. Withholding an expertise in opening and training third party field employees, her desire to explore her interest in fashion had reached its peak. Vashti then decided to step into entrepreneurship w/ her newest venture, Lemonade Champagne. Lemonade Champagne is an online lifestyle bazaar that offers versatile day into night pieces, designed to simply romance your wardrobe. Ready to debut her hard work to the world, she hosted her fall capsule debut and launch at Venue 1420 earlier this month. As she is ready for the world to embrace and romance their wardrobe, we took a minute to chat with Eunice Vashti on the development of Lemonade Champagne & her mission behind the French inspired brand. 

Photography: @Demis_God


Q: In 3 words, Who is Eunice Vashti? 

A: Regal, Innovator, Courageous (and that is something I just recently learned about myself) 




Q: Where did the name Lemonade Champagne come from? What statement are you trying to make with this name?

A: When thinking of lemonade or champagne, it’s at a happy place and/or celebrates a moment. For me, It’s THEE moment that came after going through my metamorphosis period. It’s signals an arrival ( or self and purpose)


It also speaks to the concept of the brand which is to offer day into night looks for the everyday girl. A slay, everyday! She sips lemonade by day, and champagne at night. 



Q: Is there a process in which you choose the items which make it onto your site?

A: I consider the “everyday girl”, what is she doing? Where is she going? Who is she? She’s a mom of 3, she’s constantly on the go, she’s a grad student, she’s a wife, she’s a new professional, she’s a socialite, she’s budget conscious maybe because she is building a home or preparing for an excursion over seas. I want to ensure all that she values is represented in our brand. 


Q: What ways do you balance your business and personal life? 

A: I’m still learning 🤦🏾‍♀️lol right now my business life is my personal life but I try to ensure I’m doing the things that keeps Eunie happy. Like dancing  to house music with my love and puppy in the middle of our back yard. I’m realizing with the 1 million hats you have to wear in the beginning, it’s important not to loose yourself in the process. 


Q: What is your closet’s MVP garment or accessory? 

A: Currently, it’s the Camille dress. I absolutely love that dress! Its easy, comfortable (soft and cozy) for errands but with style. It’s like your bed on the go! And with a fedora, white blazer and pumps it’s a easy desk to dinner banger! 


Q: What was your biggest obstacle getting Lemonade Champagne off the ground?

A: To have faith in my concept! I wanted to be sure she loved and connect with my vision. I was so wrapped up in the wrong things! I wanted it to be absolutely perfect, wanted it to have all the bells and whistles, didn’t want people to think this was half done. I wanted it to be good! Well I was yielding to ideas that weren’t real, ideas self doubt was feeding me. I eventually after 8 months of redoing the website, I finally said “you know what? I know I gave my best! I’m going to release it today.” And I did. I paced back and forth, my arm pitts were drenched, my stomach in knots and released it! I had to shift my thoughts and speak to my inner man. “You got this! “


Q: You recently had you Fall Capsule Debut & Launch in Chicago! Describe your planning process and your post-event thoughts.

A: I know!! It was ah-mazing! Well when walking into this pop up I thought I had it all together. I had a checklist and did my best to stick to the plan. Nope I failed! I did nothing in the checklist! In fact I lost it! Everything that could have gone wrong did and it was the best thing that could have happened. My check list went away and my vision arrived! I was able to exercise exactly what I had dreamed because it was my daily meditation- it’s what I’ve been dreaming of and rehearsed a million times in my head. I had to go back to why I am doing this in the first place.

It forced me to keep the main things, the MAIN thing and that is, my girl (my guests)! I wanted her to see my heart and know she was the center of it, so I simplified. How am I going to give her the “wow” factor? 1) a great show,

2) unique products 3) delicious beverage! Everything else would work out. Planning is great, but make sure you leave room for you (Passion) to take charge. It will never steer you wrong. 

After I thought “I don’t know how we did it, but we did and it was beyond my wildest dreams” it exceeded what I had ever imagined! 

Next time I will use my resources. I’m only one person and if I’m drained ( burnt out), I’m doing a disservice to this moment. I’m rich in learnings this go round, and I believe it was all necessary.


 Q: Was there a pivotal moment when you decided to follow your passion?

A: They day my dream job and what I had dedicated myself to was no more. I was hurt. For so many years this is what defined me. I realized I had given myself to someone else’s dream and had lived their version of me for years. to walk away with what? Money? Status? That's it! When I worked with my heart and soul! 

It’s the moment that I decided - I was the prize, not the job! In that moment I realized I needed to step into my own and live life intentionally. I needed to face my biggest fear of failure and self doubt, and go at it head on! I consolidated my entire life and started from ground zero. In a very low period for me, when all I had were my dreams and ideas - I began to color. To the point I would role play what interviews on a huge platform would be like? How would I answer questions? Lol the whole nine! I could even see the chairs that the host and I would sit in. Those moments are the beginning to what will now be the best days of my life. 


Q: What is your mission behind Lemonade Champagne? 

 A: My vision is for Lemonade Champagne to be a mood enhancer. It’s created to add a little sun in her day. Not every day will feel the same, but on the days when you are blue you sip a little Lemonade Champagne and add a little sparkle to your day! It’s her refuge, her happy place and we want to be there and show up when she needs it most! Celebrate where you are today! Tomorrow will worry about itself. 


Q: What advice about starting a business would you give to a new entrepreneur on the scene? 

A: I would say ensure your brand answers a question. “What does she value? “Be a analyst - a researcher of your idea. Turn it, flip it, examine it, build from there. You are your first muse, make it personable and impactful and there you will find your niche. Finally it may seem weird but let it sit and simmer if you will. My big brother Ephraim laid out a process called “brooding” it’s when the Momma hen sits on the egg and waits. She waits for the exact moment she knows her little chick is ready. When that moment comes is the only time she get up just before it cracks. The time period is unknown, but when she knows she knows! My little egg has now cracked. It’s called Lemonade Champagne. 
















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