"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." -Henry David Thoreau


Most known for his multi-faceted line of work, there’s nothing Corey Demon can’t do! While withholding a expertise in acting and teaching, he has managed to acquire the title "Ace of all trades". Corey is paving his way and cementing his name into the world and the big screen whilst showing the incentives of hard work and dedication. Among his many accomplishments, Corey has added fashion designer and author with his chíc apparel line Grevyí and a children's book called Justin The Good Listener. We took a minute to chat with this Chicago native about the love he has for his city, his extensive resume and how he's able to manage each role he obtains.  

Photography by: @711Pixels


Q: Hi Corey, tell us two truths and a lie. 

A: I got kicked out the same school twice! I was a Pre-K And Kindergarten teacher! I got my bachelors from NIU! 


Q: Being from the west-side of Chicago, how do you feel about all of the great things from food to fashion finally getting the spotlight and recognition that it deserves?

A: All what great things??? I still don’t think the West-side gets the love we deserve! But that will change soon! I think Joe Fresh Goods and Rello are from the West-side. If so that’s dope as f*ck! Saba Pivot is from the West-side, DJ Oreo is from Out west!! LIL Rell, My boy Donterio, on baby It’s a lot more people which is lit!!! But we don’t get the respect especially from the chicken! Uncle Remus and TasteBuds alone are killing Harold’s lol but dont get it confused, I like Harold’s too! haha


Q: How do you balance your day to day life with being a socialite as well? 

A: I take things how they come. Being a socialite is a huge plus for my business. It all goes hand and hand but being a socialite usually comes at night after I’m done with my busy business days. 


Q: You recently added author to your extensive resume which is very exciting, what was that process like for you?

A: I wrote the book 6 years ago and I'm just now putting it out! Finding the perfect illustrator was the real problem.. very tedious process but I wasn’t going to give up! 


Q: Model, actor, designer, stylist and now author;  how do you juggle all of your roles? Do you like one role more than the others?

A: This is becoming very hard now! All are blooming and now it’s time to bring in help before i overwhelm myself! Can’t be Diddy with no team, right?! Each role comes as second nature, I've spent a lot of hours perfecting each but acting will always fulfill that itch! Keeps me always wanting to learn more! Fashion is my life that’s a breeze! The styling part I’m very selective on with only taking certain gigs. It can be very time consuming, more of a hobby now if you will. 


Q: How was your experience acting on Chicago Fire?

A: It was probably the BEST experience I've had to date!! I was extremely nervous at first though. 


Q: Where did the name GRÉVYI come from? What is the inspiration behind your brand? 

A: Wow! Where do i start? My logo is a zebra. Grèvyi is the name of the imperial species of the three species of zebras. Grèvyi is pronounce gravy. My inspiration for the brand is to stand out and to use my inspiration from the streets and my experience in high fashion to create a sub genre of fashion called street class.


Q: Pictured on your social media is a photo of world-renowned fashion designer Dapper Dan and yourself, what does his legacy mean to you?

A: Dap is the foundation that bridged high end fashion to the streets! He’s the GOAT 


Q: What is next for Corey Demon?

A: We just have to wait and see!!


@Corey_Demon | @JustinTheGoodListener

www.stolickidd.com | www.justinthegoodlistener.com

 Photography: @ShaunAndru


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