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                                   "Team synergy has an extraordinary impact on business results" - Patrick Lencioni 


Meet the team behind the Chicago based brand, CamBino. Eric, Ringo and Zay have mastered to build a family business in fashion. HINT: They are cousins! These three men have embedded their 80’s/90 vibes into the CamBino street wear line to give us a modern day gem. With their one of a kind designs mixed with a modernistic twist, CamBino has truly set the bar with must have garments suitable for every demographic. We took a minute to chat with the CamBino crew on the development of their signature Doll-face tee and to get the inside scoop on whats next for this dynamic trio. Be sure to catch the CamBino Crew at the HAUS of Whiskey Sip + Shoppe event on May 20th!

Q: Where did the name CamBino come from? 

ERIC: CamBino actually has two meanings. It's an Italian word meaning "Change". It's also a play on my last name, Cameron.


Q: Who are the members of the Cambino Crew? What is each person's role to the brand?

A: We are a Three-Headed Operation. We're also Cousins.

          ERIC- Creative Director

          RINGO- Sales/Promotion

          ZAY- Marketing/Event Coordinator 


Q: How has growing up in Chicago influenced your brand identity?

ERIC: We all grew up in the heart of Englewood, Chicago during the late 80's/early 90's era. Therefore, my personal style and brand's identity is heavily influenced by the neighborhood dope boys who wore Jordans/Havana Joes, Starter Jackets, gold chains, and  fly haircuts. Also, by my pops and uncles; they were players/ladies men.


Q: What is the best advice you've received in the duration of your business?

ERIC: You are your brand, never follow trendy sh*t. Make them follow you.

ZAY: Complacency is the genesis of your own demise... Never settle, and continue to create.


Q: Do you have any advice for upcoming Chicago designers?

ERIC: Invest your own money, know how to identify with your target demographic, educate yourself on the retail side of the industry. We're still learning ourselves!

ZAY: I would say to understand that we are in a finicky industry, and image is EVERYTHING. Don’t look too much into what others are doing & try to stand on your own. Rely on your creativity more so than building upon what someone else has already done. Be RELENTLESS, and don’t be afraid to be told NO!

RINGO: Stay true to the essence of your vision. Don’t ride anybody else’s wave or you’re eventually going to get swept under the current, figuratively and literally. 


Q: When did you all decide to turn a passion into a career?

ERIC: Late 2012, I was inspired by my design mentor to learn how to self employ myself. From there, we all decided to pull our talents together and create a business for ourselves doing something that we love and building wealth within our family. 


Q: What is your favorite Chicago street-wear brand to date?

ERIC: Really? I'm bias, you know its CamBino! Lol...Seriously though..Joe Fresh Goods, The Fashion Firm, and Fashion Geek are a few stand outs for me.

ZAY: For me I like the up-and-coming brands from Chicago: YY, Greyvi, High End Fashion Junkie, and of course CamBino.


Q: What is your favorite CamBino piece made thus far? 

ERIC: My Ace Hawkins/Wounds & Roses Black Biker Jacket. I still get jealous stares whenever I wear it!

ZAY: The Satin Bomber Jacket ( every color way ). You’re sure to stand out no matter where you are. The colors... the design...and the material.... EVERYTHING just pops out at you from the jacket lol.


Q: From the 2012 era of CamBino to now, the Dollface tees have remained. Is there a story behind that specific design?

RINGO: No long story behind her....DollFace has remained and will always remain because she represents the classic/stylish pinup models from the glamorous 50's era that women admire and men dream about. Its TIMELESS!  


Q: What can we expect next from CamBino?

ERIC: Expanding our brand globally, promoting a few fashion events, and acquiring our own private showroom!

ZAY: We are definitely on a mission to carve out our own place in urban fashion not only here in Chicago or even the U.S, but internationally. 

RINGO: You can expect us to be in a couple different cities later on this year, finding more stores to carry and stretch our brand. 






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