The Bad Girl of Blogging

                                                           “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History” - Marilyn Monroe 


With her sweet and savage aura, everyone is so intrigued by the mystique writer behind Diamond's Dosage. Born into the fiery sign of a Sagittarius, this young blogger has no hesitation to speak her mind. Diamond takes a unique stance on blogging by giving raw uncut opinions on everyday issues.

With only a few short months of becoming a household name,  Diamond has managed to reinvent blogging and introduce them to the young black communities. In addition to blogging, that isn’t the only way you can enjoy Diamond’s uncensored realness. You can check her out on the "Tell Em Sis" podcast! 

                                  Photography: @Nostyelgicpix


Q: "The Bad Girl of Blogging", how did you get that title?

A: The Bad Girl of Blogging came from my manager actually, Tye Moores. She has worked so hard on branding me and I appreciate her for it! She saw that I was edgy, uncut, and real and condensed it to “Bad Girl” I’m a bad b*tch and she saw that and we went with it! Bad Girl of Blogging means there’s no filter. In my opinion, I say what I want and how I feel. My blog is created from a bad girl, ME! 


Q: Your comedic tone of your blogs are not for the sensitive, Do you ever receive feedback asking for censorship?

A: Lol the lames try to tell me to shut up. Silence don’t protect nobody but the weak. They try to turn me down and censor me, but what’s the fun in that? 


Q: Has there been any backlash from any of your blogs?

A: Yes, white women and black men have given me the most backlash. I wrote a blog about white women protecting white supremacy and the girls were MAD and black men are just intimidated by me and my opinions of them, they are fragile. 


Q: Are there any blogs (besides your own) that you are an avid reader of?

A: I read my friend’s blog, Melissa. Her blog name is It’s a blog surrounding mental health, self-care, and love. It’s the angel to my blog, my balance. I also indulge in The Shaderoom, I mean why not? lol 


Q: Aside from your blog, you are also a co-founder of Eunioa and the podcast "Tell Em Sis", how do you balance blogging and working on the podcast?

A: Mannnnnnnnn. I don’t. All I know is that sh*t gets done. 


Q: You often blog about the pitfalls of relationships, what do you look for in a partner/ relationship?

A: Damn we getting personal in this b*tch. In relationships, I want a confident man. A insecure man is the worst type of man. You have to constantly reassure an insecure man. I just want love and affection like the rest of us! COMPROMISE is a big one. They have to be willing to work with me like I am with them. Most of the time it’s the woman who is willing to put up with a man’s sh*t and not the other way around. I just want a stable man with potential. 


Q: I’ll give you two options and you have to pick one. GO! -- - Podcasting or Blogging? 

A: Wow this what we doing? Man, I gotta go with blogging. I love writing. 


A: The one year anniversary of your blog is coming this summer, Do you have anything special planned to commemorate the day?

Q: We about to get sh*t bussin! IT’S A PARTY, IT’S A PARTY, IT’S A PARTY AYE! My team is working so hard with me to plan this anniversary party and I’m super excited! 





   Graphics: @TheValerieCharnett



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